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We offer the best air conditioner installation services in the Phoenix area including: Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale and surrounding East Valley.

Are you looking to add an AC unit to a home or office for the first time? Or maybe you’re old, tired unit is needing to be replaced? No matter your reason to get a new air conditioner installed, it’s important to find the right cooling system and have professionals handle the job.

The typical lifespan of an air conditioner is around 10-15 years. While almost any system can be repaired, at some point it becomes a waste of money to repair and is better financially to replace it with a new one. If your system is over 15 years old, then it’s almost guaranteed that it makes more sense in the long run to replace your system if it starts having issues.

Benefits of a new AC System

While replacing your old AC unit can be a greater cost up front, there are many benefits to ditching the old for the new:

  • Higher Efficiency - New AC units are much more efficient than older models. Even some of the least efficient today are better than many of the high efficient from years ago. SEER ratings have improved dramatically in the past few years.
  • Lower Energy Bills - Replacing your AC system can reduce the amount coming out of your pocket in energy bills each month.
  • Increased Comfort - As air conditioners get older, they don’t always work quite as well to keep you cool, new systems are able to keep you more comfortable.
  • Better Air Quality - AC units are responsible for keeping your indoor air clean. Newer air conditioners offer much better indoor air quality technology.
  • Improved Durability - New air conditioner units are made to withstand the elements they live in. This can help save money in the long run.
  • More Options - Some older units aren’t compatible with new and high-tech features or add-ons, but most new cooling systems have a bunch of options. 

Reasons Why You Might Need a New AC Unit

Your HVAC unit is the most expensive home appliance to replace. Eventually you’ll need to replace the system you have, but you want to make sure that it’s necessary. So how do you know it’s time to replace your system, rather than get an ac repair?

  • Aging HVAC system - As mentioned above, most AC systems only last around 10-15 years. Regular preventive maintenance can help extend the lifespan as long as possible. But eventually all units will fail and need to be replaced. At some point servicing the unit won’t make it run like it used to.
  • Low Energy Efficiency - Are you noticing your utility bills climbing higher and higher? New central air systems are much more energy efficient and can save you between 20% to 30% more energy each month.
  • R-22 Leak - R-22 also known as Freon, used to be the most common coolant used in air conditioners. The cost has soared recently though. HVAC manufacturers stopped making units with R-22 back in 2010 and the United States has mandated that the production of Freon be stopped by January 2020.

AC Installation Cost

A question we get asked a lot when talking to customers about installing a new air conditioner is, “How much is this going to cost?” Unfortunately it often can’t always be a flat price for every job. There are many factors that determine the final cost of an ac install.

Some of the top factors to consider are:

  • Cost - the cost of the actual ac unit you are purchasing can vary depending on what model and features you are looking for.
  • Size - You need to have the right sized unit for the area you are looking to keep cool and comfortable.
  • Ductwork - Does any ductwork need to be added? Does the old ductwork need to be replaced?
  • Installation - is the are you are having the unit installed easy to access?

Broken AC or Heating Unit? We Offer Free Estimates for Replacements

Simply the Best’s dedicated team of HVAC technicians are eager to help you determine which air conditioning system is best for your needs. Air conditioning units shouldn’t be too small or too large for the space they’re supposed to cool. To ensure the right fit, one of our talented technicians will perform a “load calculation” of the structure and analyze other factors in order to recommend the right-size AC unit for your home or business.

Simply the Best Heating & Cooling carries energy-efficient, top-of-the-line Daikin® air conditioning and heating products, and we try to help you stay within your budget when it comes to the purchase and installation of a new unit.

To help keep your air conditioning installation or replacement expenses to a minimum, we offer:

  • Free estimates on all new AC equipment
  • Information on manufacturer rebates
  • Senior and veteran discounts
  • Other seasonally offered specials
  • Up to 100% financing available