24-Hour Emergency HVAC Services 

HVAC issues can happen at any point. Prolonged periods of extreme heat can cause air conditioner units to break down and in the middle of a cold snap you could find your older furnace unable to keep up. These times could quickly become more than just an annoyance and turn in to an emergency, that’s where Simply the Best’s HVAC specialists come in.

Emergency Air Conditioning Services

We are proud to offer our full range of services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which includes both service and installation of any brand of heating or air conditioning equipment. Additionally, our Comfort Club members enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they will never pay a travel or service diagnostic fee, regardless of the time of day their emergency takes place. 

Emergency AC Repair Cost

Normal repair costs of an AC or heating unit can easily reach several hundred dollars per occurrence, even during normal business hours. In addition to that, most companies charge up to 50% more to perform the same repair if you need them to do it on an evening, weekend or holiday etc. You’ll never pay a premium at Simply The Best, that’s just one of the things that makes us the best choice for heating and AC repairs in Phoenix metro. And, as always, Comfort Club members do not pay a travel or service diagnostic fee. 

The Best Choice in Emergency AC Services

We at Simply The Best understand that emergency AC repairs tend not to happen on our schedule, which is why we have built our company around the need to serve our customers when they need us, which can very often be after they get home from work or on the weekends. Most of the companies that are willing to perform service on the evenings, weekends and holidays will charge significantly more to do. Simply The Best never does. Our customers’ needs always come first. 


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