HVAC System Safety Package

HVAC System Safety Package 

Your heating and cooling system is the largest and most expensive mechanical system in your home. It helps regulate, not only the temperature in your home, but also the humidity and indoor air quality. It is extremely important and is generally fairly expensive to replace.

Protect your essential equipment with our exclusive System Safety Package. The components it includes helps protect against common things that can go wrong in your home.

  • Surge Protector
    • Protects your AC system from power surges, brownouts, and blackouts
    • Avoid expensive AC replacements due to electrical surges.
  • Drain Overflow Protector
    • Reduce or prevent water damage
    • Prevent dangerous mold growth
    • Save money on costly repairs
  • Compressor Start Assist
    • Help your AC compressor start up to 10 times faster and more efficiently
    • Give your AC compressor an electrical boost upon startup
    • Extend the life of your HVAC system

Why Surge Protectors Are Vital For HVAC Systems 

Is your AC safe from brownouts and power surges?

It’s hard to fully explain the importance of electronics and appliances in our lives today. We are surrounded by electrical equipment constantly. The typical home contains many different appliances.

Despite their variety, most of these appliances have one thing in common - a need for a steady, uninterrupted electrical current. This can be a problem when imperfect power grids endanger the appliances you’ve come to rely on.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, power disturbances cost homeowners $79 billion each year. Why? Power surges, brownouts, and blackouts affect all appliances equally. If a power surge fries your coffeemaker, you might replace it right away, but what about if it knocks out your central AC system?

Homeowners would be wise to protect their investment in air conditioning, particularly give the fact that a power disturbance may strike at any time.

The only reliable way to protect your home’s HVAC system is to use a surge protector. The surge protector is designed to take the hit so your air conditioning equipment doesn’t have to.

With a surge protector standing guard of the electrical current running to your system, you can avoid the hassle and expense of AC replacement.

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