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Don’t Skip Steps When It Comes To Your Home Heating System

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Older woman checking the heat coming from a wall heating unit.

Worrying about heating system repair is something that will plague you as a homeowner from time to time. While it can be expensive, it shouldn’t be so costly that it forces you to drain your bank account dry. Spotting some of these red flags early on could be a terrific way to avoid being ripped off on a heating system repair. Continue reading

HVAC Manual J Load Calculations

An experienced HVAC technician doing a Manual J load calculation.Manual J and Manual D load calculations are the way HVAC contractors measure the amount of heat gain and loss that each room undergoes during peak – extremely hot or cold – conditions. These measurements allow contractors to ascertain the size of HVAC equipment a building needs.

Having a properly sized HVAC system is extremely important. Equipment that is too powerful for a building will use more energy than necessary to keep it hot or cold. Weak systems will not be able to keep a building at a comfortable temperature reliably.

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How To Choose Between A Furnace And A Heat Pump

How To Choose Between A Furnace And A Heat PumpWhether you’re replacing a current heating system or installing a new one, you may be considering which type of heating system is right for you. Both heat pumps and furnaces have advantages and drawbacks.

In order to choose wisely, you’ll want to consider specific factors, as well as speak to your heating professional.

Let us help you choose between a furnace and a heat pump, by understanding the differences between the two. Continue reading

3 Dangers Of Using A Space Heater

3 Dangers of Using a Space HeaterSpace heaters can be quite convenient for heating a small space in a house or building, particularly in older buildings where the central heating system might not provide sufficient heat for the entire structure.

But, while space heaters can provide easy, convenient warmth, they can be safety hazards and must be used with caution. Continue reading

4 Simple Things To Look For If Your Heater Refuses To Start

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4 Simple Reasons Your Heater Won’t StartDoes your heater refuse to start? You may be overlooking the obvious.

When our appliances and technological devices we rely on stop working we have a tendency to react with pessimism. We convince ourselves that some sort of major breakdown has occurred and that we’ll have to empty our bank accounts to pay for repairs or a replacement.

But sometimes our technology stops functioning for the simplest and silliest of reasons. For example, our TV may not turn because we’ve hit the wrong button on the remote. Or our car might not start because it’s been shifted into drive instead of park or neutral.

So if one day your heater won’t start don’t assume the worst. The cause of the trouble may be basic and easily solvable. See if the reason your heating system isn’t starting is because of any of these four simple causes. Continue reading