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Why Fall & Winter Are The Best Times For Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance For Arizona Residents

Why Fall & Winter Are The Best Times For Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance For Arizona ResidentsDuring the mild winters that Arizona enjoys, you might not think about calling a professional to inspect and maintain your heating and air-conditioning system. You might wait until spring, whetemperatures are already starting to warm. Actually, the best time to have your system serviced is during the fall and winter seasons.

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Why Should I Purchase A Maintenance Service Agreement?

Why Should I Purchase Maintenance Service Agreement - SimplyTheBestACIf you are considering updating your HVAC system or have recently updated your unit, you may be wondering why you should purchase a maintenance service agreement for something that’s brand new.

One way to think about it is to compare your heating and air conditioning system to your car. Both of them are investments that require regular maintenance to perform at their best – even when new.

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Make Sure You Really Need a Repairman

Make Sure You Really Need an HVAC Repairman

If your heater does not heat and your air conditioning is not chilling the air, then it is a perfectly reasonable next step to call your local AC and heating repair services. But every service call incurs a service charge, no matter how minor the repair may be. So you need to be sure that, especially in this current economy, heating and cooling issues are worth the time and effort of the professionals. Here is a list of common concerns to check off your list before calling in the big (and expensive) guns.
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