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Tax Credits For New HVAC Systems

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Taxes and Rebates For New HVAC SystemsLet’s talk taxes. No, don’t run away yet. We’re going to talk about tax credits and rebates on a new HVAC system. When you purchase a new HVAC system, if it meets certain energy efficiency ratings set by the federal government, state government, manufacturers, local government, and utility providers, you could be eligible for a rebate or credit. How much this is and how often you can claim it is a rather large subject so we’ll focus on the most relevant info, the manufacturer credits. Equipment manufacturers such as Daikin derive their tax credit guidelines directly from the federal government.

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3 Air Conditioning Myths That Actually Waste Energy

3 Air Conditioning Myths That Waste Energy-Simply The Best ACYour air conditioning is an expensive, yet important necessity – especially out here in the AZ desert. We have come to depend on our AC for comfort and convenience but there is no denying that cooling systems gobble up a large amount of power. It is however, in everyone’s best interest to reduce consumption.

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3 Home Cooling Myths You Need To Know

3 Home Cooling Myths You Need To Know-SimplyTheBestAC.comThe ever-rising energy bills have forced consumers to search for ways to minimize their energy consumption.

Unfortunately, there are some home cooling myths that many homeowners believe to be true. Today, we are going to debunk these myths and tell you the truth about energy efficiency at home.

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Turn It Up Or Off? What’s Best For Your A/C?

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Turn It Up or OffIt’s not 115 degrees yet, but you’re probably already using your air conditioner in the late afternoon and early evening. This time of year, many homeowners wonder if they should simply turn off their air conditioner when they’re not at home and crank it up when they are.

At Simply the Best Heating & Cooling, we do not recommend turning your unit off this time of year for several important reasons.

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