Simply the Best Cares Initiative

StB Cares was formed in 2018 to formalize the commitment that the owners of Simply the Best have to philanthropy and giving back. This year's featured non-profit is Medi-Mex, Inc., which has been feeding, clothing, housing and providing for the basic medical needs of extremely impoverished migrant farm workers just south of the US border in Mexico since 1990.

Some of the Simply the Best staff had the privilege of both funding and being part of a house built for a family in October 2018, an experience that changed lives and is still regularly talked about around the Simply the Best office.

The transformation of lives, both on the part of those helping and those being helped, is something that is so touching and that we are so passionate about that we have committed to donating a portion of the profit from every job that we do in 2020 to Medi-Mex.


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