The HVAC Ethics Pledge®

Thank you for choosing to do business with Simply The Best Heating & Cooling!

As  a Phoenix heating contractor, we could not be in business today doing what we are passionate about doing without you, so I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude on behalf of my family and the families of everyone at Simply The Best.

I also wanted to make you aware of the core values that drive our business practices and decision making. This Ethics Pledge represents the very minimum of the world-class service that you can expect from Simply The Best, your preferred Phoenix heating contractor.

Simply The Best will always operate using Green Business Practices. We will recycle, keep our office as paperless as possible, and will never vent harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere. Instead we recycle 100% of our used refrigerants appropriately.

Simply The Best will never sell or attempt to sell a product to you that is not either needed for proper system operation or in the best interest of your system and/or the environment..

Simply The Best will always use a pricing policy that seeks to provide the best overall value for you and your unique situation.

Simply The Best will always advertise our products in a positive, factual and informative manner.

Simply The Best will operate with honesty and integrity at all times.​​​​​​​

Simply The Best will donate a portion of all profits to the charities of the STB Cares initiative.​​​​​​​

Simply The Best will always put its promises in writing and stand behind them​​​​​​​.

Simply The Best will address any of your concerns promptly and courteously, regardless of how long ago we performed work for you.

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